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 Cuyama Joint Unified School District Erate

General Information

Site Locations

District Office/Cuyama Elementary School
2300 Highway 166
Cuyama, CA 93254

Cuyama Valley High School
4500 Highway 166
New Cuyama, CA 93254

Questions and Answers

Q:  Who is your current VoIP vendor?
A:  LIMOTTA IT is the current vendor for our hosted VoIP.

Q:  Do you have High Speed Internet bandwidth at each site?
A:  We have High Speed Internet at each site.

Q:  Do you require system paging?
A:  Please quote as an option.

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting the VoIP solution?
A:  Two locations, District Office/Cuyama Elementary and Cuyama Valley High School.

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting theT-1s (470#170074258)?
A:  District Office/Cuyama Elementary, two (2) and Cuyama Valley High School, two (2).

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting the Fiber?
A:  District Office/Cuyama Elementary, 100Mbps minimun and Cuyama Valley High School, 100Mbps minimun.