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 Cuyama Joint Unified School District Erate

General Information

Site Locations

District Office/Cuyama Elementary School
2300 Highway 166
Cuyama, CA 93254

Cuyama Valley High School
4500 Highway 166
New Cuyama, CA 93254

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The successful bidder will be chosen based upon the following criteria: 

Price of eligible goods and services
Prior experience and references
Prior experience in the district
Personnel qualifications (number of employees, certifications, etc.)
Local vendor (within a 75 mile radius and a guaranteed response time of four hours)

The district reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Questions and Answers

Q:  Who is your current VoIP vendor?
A:  LIMOTTA IT is the current vendor for our hosted VoIP.

Q:  Do you have High Speed Internet bandwidth at each site?
A:  We have High Speed Internet at each site.

Q:  Do you require system paging?
A:  Please quote as an option.

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting the VoIP solution?
A:  Two locations, District Office/Cuyama Elementary and Cuyama Valley High School.

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting theT-1s (470#170074258)?
A:  District Office/Cuyama Elementary, two (2) and Cuyama Valley High School, two (2).

Q:  What location(s) are you wanting the Fiber?
A:  District Office/Cuyama Elementary, 100Mbps minimun and Cuyama Valley High School, 100Mbps minimun.