High School

Mission Statement

The faculty, staff, administrators and students of Cuyama Valley High School and Sierra Madre C.H.S. are committed to creating a learning environment that encourages all residents of Cuyama Valley to expand their intellectual, creative, and social horizons. We challenge and support one another to realize our potential, to appreciate and contribute to the enrichment of our diverse community, as well as to develop a passion for life-long learning.

To ensure the success of this mission, we promote academic excellence in the teaching and scholarly activities for our faculty, encourage personalized learning, foster interactions and partnerships beyond our community and provide opportunities for intellectual, cultural and artistic enrichment.

We, as educators, endeavor to create a student-centered educational community whose members support one another with mutual understanding and respect. We encourage all students to actively pursue the ways of knowing and the art of thinking.


Every student who graduates from Cuyama Valley High School or Sierra Madre C.H.S. will have the skills necessary to achieve their academic or occupational goals.

Cuyama Valley Car Show

Annual Car Show to hosted by the C. V. Booster Club to support the children of the Cuyama Valley. Follow all the details for the next one on Facebook!