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Welcome to the Cuyama Joint Unified School District

Cuyama Joint Unified School District serves a dynamic, rural community centrally located in the beautiful Cuyama Valley. It is our philosophy that education is a journey, where everyone along the way is an educator. Some are more formal and some are more obscure than others. Knowledge acquired is meant to be shared. It is our goal that everyone involved in our learning community is treated with respect, that all are supported for their efforts, and celebrated with in their successes. That every student who leaves our learning community is not limited, but goes forward with the skills and ability to make powerful and important decisions about his or her future.
High School
The faculty, staff, administrators and students of Cuyama Valley High School and Sierra Madre C.H.S. are committed to creating a learning environment that encourages all residents of Cuyama Valley to expand their intellectual, creative, and social horizons. We challenge and support one another to realize our potential, to appreciate and contribute to the enrichment of our diverse community, as well as to develop a passion for life-long learning.

Every student who graduates from Cuyama Valley High School or Sierra Madre C.H.S. will have the skills necessary to achieve their academic or occupational goals.
Elementary School
We are dedicated to the ideals of academic excellence and to the personal and social development of our students. Academic integrity is fostered in a climate which respects the unique needs of each individual.

Our students develop a positive self-image, respect for the rights of others, and the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, meet challenges, and accept responsibility.

Every student promoted from Cuyama Elementary School will have the skills necessary to experience success in the secondary school arena.
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California 93254

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Dr. Stephen Bluestein

Chief Business Officer
Mrs. Christine Rahe

Secretary to the Superintendent
Mrs. Amanda Mead