Superintendent’s Message

Every school year represents a fresh start for our students to do their very best, to learn new things and to soar academically.  Teachers strive to help students pursue their dreams and reach their fullest academic potential, especially with help from you.  Parents and guardians, the first teachers of our students, can make sure every child, from the youngest to the oldest, gets to school on time, attends school every day and completes all assignments including homework.   As the superintendent of the Cuyama Joint Unified School District, it is my privilege to work with all the students, staff and families.  Cuyama JUSD schools are wonderful, with a long and rich tradition of serving the community.  I present you with this handbook to acquaint you and your children with Cuyama JUSD staff, our educational programs, and community.

I have high expectations in regard to the students’ work ethic, appearance, and manners.  All visitors to our schools must walk away with a feeling that is positive, friendly and productive.  In order to be prepared to compete in a world which requires loyal and competent, goal-oriented individuals, every opportunity will be provided to help our students become their individual and collective “best”.  If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Our rules and expectations are clearly spelled out in our student handbook and Board policies.  We will follow them consistently.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit or volunteer in our classrooms and on our campus.  Please contact the school if you have some extra time and interest in assisting in your child’s education.  Once again, welcome to Cuyama Joint Union School District. I look forward to working with you and your family as partners in a lifetime of learning.